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Become an Ambassador

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Becoming an Ambassador for the MastectoME Beauty Project is a profoundly rewarding and impactful opportunity for individuals passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of women who've undergone a mastectomy.

Promote Empowerment

As an Ambassador, you play a pivotal role in promoting empowerment, self-esteem, and beauty in the face of adversity. By generously contributing as a Bronze, Silver or Gold Ambassador, you not only help raise vital funds, but also foster a supportive community dedicated to the well-being of mastectomy survivors.

The financial support from businesses serves as a lifeline for the MastectoME Beauty Project, enabling us to provide an empowering photoshoot experience, tailored to the unique needs of these resilient women.

As an Ambassador, you become a beacon of hope and advocacy, amplifying the project's mission and driving positive change on a broader scale. Moreover, businesses that join as Ambassadors gain not just visibility and brand recognition but also the satisfaction of being part of a transformative initiative that directly enhances the lives of those who have faced the challenges of mastectomy surgery.


Promote Self-Love & Resilience

By joining the MastectoME Beauty Project as an Ambassador, you become a catalyst for promoting body positivity, self-love, and resilience. Your commitment to this cause transcends financial contributions, as you become a symbol of compassion and solidarity within the business community, dedicated to restoring confidence and celebrating the beauty of every woman, regardless of their journey. Embrace the opportunity to be a driving force behind a project that empowers, uplifts, and creates lasting impact in the lives of mastectomy survivors.

Ambassador Options

Our carefully curated packages are designed to offer you a high value for your investment. You can either donate a one-off payment or subscribe to monthly payments, to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold Ambassador.

Subscribe today to become a valued MastectoME Ambassador and make a lasting impact while enjoying exclusive benefits for your business. Together, we can create a world where every woman feels empowered and supported on their journey to recovery.

Option 1

Make a One Off Payment

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Bronze Ambassador - £ 250

£250 will go towards providing a photoshoot experience for our participants. By becoming a Bronze Ambassador, your business demonstrates its commitment to supporting women's health and empowerment. In return for your generosity, Bronze Ambassadors will receive:

  • Recognition on our prestigious Ambassadors Page with a link to their business website.

  • You receive a Bronze Ambassador's logo which can be used on your website.

  • The satisfaction of knowing you're making a positive impact on the lives of women who've had mastectomies.

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Silver Ambassador - £ 500

£500 gives a gift of a photoshoot to one participant. Take your support to the next level and receive additional perks to showcase your commitment. In addition to the benefits of the Bronze package, Silver Ambassadors will also enjoy:

  • You receive a certificate and a Silver Ambassador's logo which can be used on your website.

  • Two professionally taken headshots of yourself or a team member.

  • Increased visibility on our Ambassadors Page, reinforcing your dedication to a noble cause.

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Gold Ambassador - £ 1,000

£1,000 gives the gift of a photoshoot to two participants. For businesses seeking an even more elevated partnership and a chance to refresh your image regularly, the Gold Ambassador Subscription offers the following premium features:

  • All the benefits of the Bronze and Silver packages.

  • You receive a certificate and a Gold Ambassador's logo which can be used on your website.

  • Two headshots each season (four sessions in total) to keep your profile updated and relevant.

  • A constant presence in the spotlight, showing a consistent commitment to supporting women who've had mastectomies.

  • Two tickets to our gallery exhibition.

Make a One-Off Payment

Please help us to make a difference! 


You'll have the option to pay by BACS transfer at checkout, which is our preferred method of payment (as it cuts our costs), however, we accept all major credit and debit cards too. 

Thank you!

Select an item (£)

Thank you for your donation!


Monthly Ambassador Plans

Find one that works for you

  • Bronze Ambassador

    Every month
    Demonstrate your commitment to supporting women's health and empowerment.
    • Recognition on our prestigious Ambassadors page.
    • A Bronze Ambassador Logo for your website.
  • Silver Ambassador

    Every month
    Take your support to the next level and receive additional perks to showcase your commitment.
    • Increased visibility on our prestigious Ambassadors Page.
    • A certificate and a Silver Ambassador's logo.
    • Two professional headshot portraits.
  • Gold Ambassador

    Every month
    Premium features for businesses seeking to refresh their image regularly.
    • All the benefits of the Bronze & Silver plans.
    • Two headshot portraits each season (four sessions in total).

Option 2

Another Way you can Support Us

Coffee Morning

Organise a MastectoME Beauty Project Coffee Morning!


Turn a simple coffee gathering into a powerful means of support. By hosting a coffee morning with friends or colleagues, you not only share moments of joy but also contribute to the MastectoME Beauty Project. Explore the simple steps below to organise your own event and make a meaningful impact. Every cup poured, every conversation shared, brings us one step closer to enhancing the lives of those taking part in our beautiful initiative. Let's turn coffee into compassion.


Set up a date and time.


Send out email/text invites.


Everyone makes a donation, which the group organiser collects on the day. Please send your donations directly to us.

Three Beverages


Everyone brings their favourite goodies/cake/scones etc.


Have a fun theme! eg. Wear something pink.


Share on socials to raise awareness of the mastectoME Beauty Project. #mastectomebeautyproject

We'll support You Too

In return for hosting a coffee morning fundraiser for the Mastectomy Beauty Project, we'll share your photos and business on our socials. It will enhance your brand image, and engage with the community. Participation not only contributes to a meaningful cause but also provides a platform for positive social media visibility. 

Contact Us

Please complete the contact form if you have any questions about the MastectoME Beauty Project or about becoming a MastectoME Ambassador.

We'll do our best to help!

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