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We had an amazing day up in Chorley with Alison and Anya today.
It was such fun, these ladies are a fabulous team who calmed my nerves and inhibitions and made the whole day enjoyable.

Ladies, if you're waiting for your photo shoot with Alison and Anya you're in for an absolute treat!
Both ladies are so welcoming and you'll leave as friends definitely. 
Anya's makeup skills are out of this world and Alison certainly knows how to get the best out of her 'model'.
This is my behind the scenes montage, it made me cry watching it at Chemo number 5 this afternoon. Watched it again this evening and I'm beaming from ear to ear now.
Thank you Alison and Anya.



A big Thank you to Alison who photographed me discreetly throughout my transformation and to Anya for the beautiful makeup and body art skilfully and artfully applied. I truly appreciated both your efforts and felt totally different from my usual plain self. To anyone thinking of having this worthwhile makeover I would say go ahead and go for it. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to both of you once again and best wishes for the future.  


I usually hate having my picture taken, but Alison and Anya put me completely at ease with their kindness, humour and empathy. I would go as far to say that the whole experience was life changing. I discovered a confidence that I never thought I had and I now have have these photos with me forever. I feel empowered in my ‘new’ body and seeing the look on my hubby and kids’ faces when they saw them was utterly priceless! I chose the Egyptian theme as I have always had a fascination with its history. If you look closely at the photo of me on the throne, you can see how Alison has cleverly incorporated two papyrus’s that I had brought with me. Anya’s vision for the makeup and costume was amazing.Thank you so much to Alison and Anya for investing so much of their time, expertise and love to this project What you're doing for all of us is life-changing.


From the moment I arrived to saying goodbye they looked after me. Both of you are such genuine, caring and authentic individuals that really care about getting the personalised image for us ladies... such thought into the make up, body art and clothing.  I can’t thank you enough. For you all that has this experience to come, you won’t be disappointed and will definitely have a day to remember. 
Thank you, I feel I have a cherished friendship with you both. And in the words of my 83 year old mum “You’re bloody brilliant!”

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I’ve been very blessed and had the most amazing journey.
Alison and Anya are two incredible people who are super amazing. 
They work full time in there own jobs 5 days a week and do this in their spare time and fund themselves. 
They do this to make awareness of breast cancer and the effects of women having mastectomies.
Thank you again Alison and Anya.   


WAAAAHHHHHHH - cannot cope with these photos! A M A Z I N G! Looking at the photographs and thinking “No way is that me!” We're still totally buzzing from the best adventure ever. You made me feel so relaxed and welcome. I had fun! The shots look incredible. I’m so excited for the other women who have yet to take part in this incredible project. You will all LOVE IT! Thank you so much Alison and Anya for the most incredible experience and making this sick old bird feel totally out of this world.


My turn to be photographed! A couple of dates had to be changed due to further ops and waiting for healing and feeling better, oh and waiting for a dry day to dye my wedding dress! I was starting to think it may never happen! I chose blue and greens as I love these colours and peacock  feathers as they represent hope, rebirth, new beginnings, good luck, prosperity, uniqueness, Individuality. Anya and Alison were lovely and so welcoming and reassuring. They listened to what I wanted. Thank you so much to you both. What you've done for me has massively helped towards my acceptance of the new me. 


I had a lovely day with Alison and Anya on Sunday having my photoshoot. It was such a joy to be part of their creative process and I'm really thrilled with the photos. Our theme was Elven and it was so much fun to be transformed. Thank you so much ladies. I feel so lucky to be part of this project.


You are probably fed up of seeing me all in green, but here are the final selection of photos from the shoot by Alison and Anya. I love them! I think you will too! 


#allinlime #jollygreengiant #mastectoME #lifeafterbreastcancer 


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