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I love the colours and beauty of a Peacock, Blue, Green and Gold are strong complimentary colours, The Peacock feather symbolises lots of different meanings for different cultures, some are – hope, New beginnings, good luck, uniqueness, power, strength, confidence. All of which I have strived for since my diagnosis.

I was diagnosed in November 2020 with high grade DCIS, I was offered lot’s of different options, after lots of research and speaking to Breast Cancer now, who put me in touch with Volunteers from Someone like me they are women who have gone though different treatments and share their stories, after listening to them and sharing my concerns I felt fully informed and so I chose to have a Mastectomy without reconstruction, I have since had a further mastectomy and remain flat. This is a choice that is right for me, this is not to say that it hasn't been a struggle but something that I am slowly coming to terms with.

Being part of the MastectoME Beauty Project has helped me massively in turning a corner and positively embracing the new me. I applied to take part two months after my Dad passed away, I felt that I needed to do something positive and empowering & push myself out of my comfort zone and I know he would be very proud of me.

I also wanted to help raise awareness about living flat, Flat friends is a wonderful, supportive, informative and caring group of women on Facebook who have had or may face single or double mastectomy without reconstruction, without this group I don't think I could have coped with my diagnosis as well as I did.

Checking yourself regularly is so important and it's something i forgot to do.

Living flat can be positive and you can still feel and look Beautiful.

After my second Mastectomy in July 2022, I started to look for a Job as a Funeral Arranger something that I have wanted to do for many years. 20 Years as a stay at home Mum it was now time for me to put all my lifes experience into something important. I am now working as a Funeral Arranger supporting families through one of the most difficult times of their lives. It truly is a privilege and Honer to help our families and their Loved ones. And having gone through bereavement and health issues myself I can really empathise with others.

I also run an all Female Community choir called “ The Smithy Belles” we have been going for over 10 years, I am incredibly proud of this, the Ladies are a great bunch, so welcoming and supportive of each other, it is great to sing with them every week!!

Having gone through a major health event it helps you put things in perspective, I no longer worry about the small things, it has taught me to enjoy the here and now.


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