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Warrior queen. I am Scottish. I am strong, confident and feisty with a big heart. Both of my parents were blind, I grew up responsible and independent but also self-assured. I have two young children, one of whom has a rare disability. This makes him 1 in 40,000 but both my kids are 1 in a million to me. I love them dearly.


November 2022

I worked my socks off doing hospital discharges during Covid and during my first week off to finally rest and have a holiday, I was recalled by the hospital and told I had cancer. Life has been a whirlwind since. I would like to focus on something positive that symbolises a new beginning for me. I got my husband to make a plaster mould of my 34E boobs the night before surgery. I plan to get them painted gold. I am proud of who I was but I am also looking forward to who I will become in the future. I feel at that transition point between the two at the moment.

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