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Yellow is Clare's favourite colour. Clare says " I had my first surgery when the daffodils were out (March 2020). My friends and family couldn’t visit as my surgeries/chemo took place during the initial Covid pandemic and I was at high risk. I lived in different counties from my children and Family so they sent me flowers. Daffodils and sunflowers. They always make me smile now and remind me how lucky I am to have been successfully treated.


June 2022

My nickname is smiler. I've been a children’s social worker for almost 20 years, the last 11 being within the family court. Prior to that I was a police officer and I’ve worked in a women’s refuge. I’ve always worked with people to help/educate them. I’m a mum and a nana. I was a single parent through my children’s minority until they left home (they’re 25 and 27 now). I have alopecia areata (AA) although I’ve pretty much got a full head of hair today. My cancer is hormone positive and I've also been diagnosed with the BRCA2 cancer gene. I’ve had further risk reducing surgeries (tubes and ovaries removed). I’ve been slammed into the medical menopause. I have lymphedema in my left arm. I wanted to educate others to check themselves or tell someone they love to do so. If I hadn’t found my lump I probably would not be here now. I’m a great believer that knowledge is power! Cliche maybe but it’s the truth. So I created a collection of my photographs and had a book made. Pictures explain where words can often fall short (that’s why I wanted to be take part in the MastectoME Beauty Project). My book was surprisingly well received with my family and friends. My breast care nurse asked to see it and it was used to educate the team about the human side of treatment in addition to the medical effects. The lady that did my 3D nipple tattoos has asked for a copy for her studio. I’m in the process of creating a webpage that has documented my experiences (an honest account with my own pictures that show the real side of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgeries, treatments) and what I found helpful/useful. I have a twisted sense of humour (I think that comes from everything that has gone before) and it carries me through the darkest of times. That said, I’m definitely ‘a glass half full’ kinda girl. Puma have asked me to speak to their UK employees about my cancer experience. The focus is about education, awareness and sign posting. I have raised over £700 for Maggies cancer charity by fire walking. I love my family and friends and my cancer is high risk of reoccurrence so I’m trying to create as many tangible memories for my children and grand babies.

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