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Debbie's favourite colour is red. Debbie says: "This is the colour that is my signature card - all my children have the colour red as names (Scarlett, Ruby and Rose). My company is called Red Queen Television. My hair is always different colours of red. I love flames, fire, flowers, the colour of passion!


April 2022

I am a creative, passionate 51 year old mum to three young girls (15,13 and 10). I'm a former television producer, and have worked in the USA a lot. I'm now setting up a creative community space in Folkestone called Speedway, which is a fairground themed place. Hopefully this will be opened later this year to the community. I love dancing, music and going to gigs. Travelling and new experiences always welcome. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last July and had my subsequent mastectomy in September with further surgery in October. I'm currently in the middle of chemotherapy with radiotherapy next on the adventure. Taking part in this project shows that 'cancer patients' can look fiery and fierce and still rock bright red hair.

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