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September 2022


Jo's favourite colour is green. The forest, trees, nature played such a huge part in her recovery. She values the world so much more now and is happiest when outside. Jo says: "I'm incredibly passionate about the arts and their therapeutic abilities."

I returned to work in January after my treatment and as well as working 5 days in a school. I run my own inclusive theatre group for children and young people. My dog Wilbert has been my absolute angel and supported my recovery. My walking/cuddle buddy! I got married in September with a forest theme. I made all the decorations myself from recycled bits and bobs. It’s a happy and sad occasion as I have lost both my parents, but I have 2 amazing children who I adore and a partner who was my rock through the last 2 years. I still have all my hair as I was fortunate enough not to need chemo, although I'm on Tamoxifen for the next 10 years. It's made me even crazier than I was before. I quite honestly feel stronger and more ‘ballsy’ then I did pre-cancer. I'll always have the black cloud that reappears every now and then to rain on me, but I feel so grateful to be here and living.

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