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Art and the colour purple. "A big thank you to Alison who photographed me discreetly throughout my transformation and to Anya for the beautiful makeup and body art skilfully and artfully applied. I truly appreciated both your efforts and felt totally different from my usual plain self. To anyone thinking of having this worthwhile makeover I would say go ahead. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to both of you once again and best wishes for the future." 


March 2022

​From Pauline's daughter -
"We know our Mum is beautiful , but sometimes she forgets and concentrates on the more negative side of what life has manifested. Alison and Anna captured the inner warrior with such elegance, beauty and poise, the fighter we know Mum has always been throughout her life. Thank you for all your creativity and hard work, but also for your understanding and patience, you truly spent time getting to know Mum’s personality."

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