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Sara sells spinning wheels and yarn. "I love all the colours - the brighter the better. If I had to pick just one it would be lime green. It's bright. I's fun. It's unloved by the majority of people. It's marmite and it's loud. Just like me. You can pair it with all the other colours without question. It clashes and fits in all at the same time. Just like me. It's the colour of the fruit in my favourite gin n tonic. It's the flavour of the best ice cream I ever had. It fizzes with excitement and it asks for no apologies. I am lime green!


May 2022

In the past I have been a Stage Manager, an Mountain Festival events organiser, an arts centre manager and exhibition curator. I left full time work to become a potter then Cancer hit. I'm now the owner of my own business selling spinning wheels and looms and fluffy fibre and yarn at events across the country and at my own little place in Yorkshire. I'm an avid walker, last year completing the Northumberland Coastal path and will be walking Hadrian's wall coast to coast in May. I live on top of a Pennine and my local Specsavers was made famous by Dominic Cummings! I'm a member of Paddlers for Life a cancer survivors dragon boat team based at Windermere. I had the best dog in the world for 17 years. She was my pal through the dark days of cancer always there looking out for me making sure Paul kept me fed and watered. She died in January and my heart broke. But as with the loss of parents, I remember the great times and keep the memories alive. The cancer robbed my of my sexuality. I want it back.

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